Nganga Lucero Mundo

By J. González (b.1949), Havana, 2001, oil on canvas, 18.5 x 13 inches.

The artist presents a portrait of the nganga or sacred cauldron of Lucero Mundo, a spirit of Palo monte associated with the celestial bodies, the stars, and the bringing and taking away of spiritual energies. Some associate him with Eleguá in the Lucumí religion, who "opens the path."

González likes to represent Lucero Mundo as a small face embedded in a conch shell, which is the form his own Lucero takes in his practice. Lucero sits in the monte atop a ground sign invoking energies from the "Four Winds," before two great mountains, sacred trees, and the bright full moon in the sky. The chalk drawn sign on the cauldron is the sign of the Four Winds, but its vectors (arrows) indicate a turning or circling of energies